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HEY thanks everybody on the board here for your help and the posting of valuable info..i walked into the best buy store here in town and got approved for a card with a $500.oo limit from household bank, they pulled trans union here in Illinois, i have a fraud alert on my report and they ask me to call them back from the phone number that i have listed on my report, so i did and then they told me that i was approved.... :D

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I jsut tried and it said it would pull experian in the fine print, hoping for tu as thats my high score, and low and behold pulls equifax my worst score. Is it even worth a reconsideration at a 585?

For me they pulled TU which was my best because my utilization had not updated yet. I would definately ask for reconsideration. It cannot hurt to try, the least they can do is to say no again.

Good luck!


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