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Bankruptcy Discharged - Credit Report


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I work for a mortgage company and help my customers clean up their credit before applying for a loan. We do a Rescore with our credit bureau, which costs the customer $10 for each of the 3 CA's per tradeline. Most of the time, when I have a B/K case, the attorney will not have put account numbers on the Schedule for the creditors, therefore, there's no way to prove that an account has been included in B/K unless it matches the dollar amount perfectly.

Trying to get a letter from a creditor showing that they know the account was included in B/K is like pulling teeth. Most of these tradelines are still showing a balance.

Is there a way to prove the account was included in B/K? Also, do creditors HAVE to show a zero balance or state that the account was included in B/K?

The reason the customer chooses to do a Rescore (called a Quickscore by some) is because they do not want to wait 30 days or more for disputes when refinancing or purchasing a home.


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