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Goodwill letters update


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Update ...

Received replies from 2 goodwill letters I sent out on 6/30.

Credit Management reply.... "our client has informed us that your account has been paid in full. We have notified the credit bureau of your payment and have asked them to update your account. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact CMI at ...."

Ok guys this is where I need your input. I was hoping for a removal from credit report. How do I proceed now?

Second letter was sent to the condo association. Their reply .... We have received your letter of 6/30 regarding the Judgement still being reported on your credit history. Please be aware M...Condo Assoc. obtained the judgement against you not Cxxx Inc. The attorney for M.. Condominium is xxx. We are sure it was an oversight on their part, not filing a Line of Satisfaction for the Judgement. We are forwarding your letter and a copy of this letter to the law firm of xxx to ask them to please a Line of Satisfaction on that judgement and send all correspondence to you in SC. Sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. Should you have further questions, please contact xxx at ....

How does a line of satisfaction affect my credit report? Should I contact the attorney and ask for removal? I am totally at a loss with this one.

I really appreciate all the feedback and support everyone is giving. I'm about to dispute old addresses and this is tied to an old SC address. What direction should I go now?



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