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Fair Credit Reporting Violations? To sue or not?

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Here's my question.

I challeneged a remaining balance on an old. charged off, Cap1 account.

Balance corrected - but now shown as activity last month (June) rather than two years ago.

FICO scores plummeted.

Found the FTC letter which says this is a violation.

Here http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fcra/amason.htm

So what to do next.

My inclination is to write to the agencies and threaten to take action unless they remove the account.

What if they just offer to correct the date.

Can I still take action?

I'm thinking of it along the lines of - someone steals from you, you catch them and they say - well here's your stuff back, now you can't do anything legally.

I don' think that would work.

if they have violated the Act can they just offer to make right and go free?

Obviously I'm looking for deletion.




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