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GREAT letter from Amex

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They just wrote to me offering to let me do BTs or make out cash to myself at APR of 4.9% for life (for the BTs). AND they will raise my CL, dollar for dollar, to match whatever BTs or purchases I want to make. My current CL is only $2,000 but they have offered to increase it up to $15,000. How cool is that? I've had the card about exactly 6 months.

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They (AMEX) will do that from time to time for certain cardholders on their 6th month anniversary.

Was this the blue card?

Thank you! It was a total surprise and yes it is the Blue card. i haven't been using it all that much becuse of the low limit. I might charge up to $500 and always paid it off in full each month.

do they do something similar for the blue for biz? My anniversary for that is coming up too. :)

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