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OC reporting incorrect balance..HHBank


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Ok experts .. I need your help. I had an account with HHBank that went to collection. I have been paying the CA and the true balance is 481. The OC is reporting the balance as 4,084. Contacted the OC and was told they would conti8nue to report this balance until it's paid in full. Is this legal?

Date Opened: 1/99

Reported Since: 5/02

Date of Status: 6/04

Type: Revolving

Terms: NA

Monthly Payment: 0

High Balance: 4,084

Recent Balance: 3,128 as of 6/04

Status: Collection account/current, was past due 60 days.

This item was verified and updated on 5/04.

Is this re-aging? What can I do as this is misleading!!

Thanks to all.


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