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Forum Members,

Thanks to this site I have learnt about Debt Validation. I have few question but before I ask let me explain my situation.

My Situation: I have 4 Credit Card Accounts that I defaulted on back in 2001. Since then these accounts were turned to Collection Agencies which do a dual reporting on my credit file. These Collection Agencies have been reporting on me since 2004.

My Question: Am I still eligible for DV? I think I read something like one can request DV but only within a certain time frame once the Collection agency reports on them. Is there a time frame window? if so then what is it?



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I mentioned awhile back, maybe in this thread, that I saw significant results AFTER I started following the flow-chart. I initially jumped right in and skipped a few steps, consequently, I was a bit discouraged with the lack of results. I stepped back, followed the chart, and the positive results came in chunks! :shock:

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Love the flow chart. I only have two CA's ($10 and $52 over stupid things) but this will be quite helpful in resolving them.

My only question is you say to dispute with the CRA simultaneously while you DV with the CA... Do you have a particular letter to use to dispute it to teh CRA or just the standard one (modified to say unvalidated data rather than incorrect I assume)?

Thats all, and thanks...


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I love the flowchart. Helped me a lot.

One question, on the side where it says they validate debt and then you

say negotiate a settlement. What if the debt is past your state SOL?

This debt validation looks like the perfect thing to get the last old thing off my credit report but I would want to make sure I'm past the SOL

so they can't come back and sue and get a new judgement.

SOL in kansas for contract, written is 5 years, This contract was dated 2-2002. Date of last payment was 2-2003. So this month is 5 years.

But I'm not exactly sure when the SOL starts tolling in Kansas. Date of last payment, date of when they repossessed the car or date of writeoff.

I have looked and looked in the Kansas statutes for date of SOL tolling start and cannot find it.

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I guess I'm going to be the only voice of gloom in this thread.

I think everything that I've read in these forums is contradicted in a sticky. What's even worse, there will be a sticky above another sticky that says the opposite of what the other sticky said.

I've learned ALOT in a few days reading and reading. I've talked to a few people in person and asked a few people in PM's different things.

What I've learned is, there are two ways to doing things. Each way may be the right way or, the wrong way depending on the situation.

The problem is, the advice given may or may not pertain EXACTLY to your situation. If your situation is slightly different, or you employ a blanket technique toward rectifying a situation you found online here, you may open pandora's box or worse - wind up being sued. (cap1 comes to mind immediately - apparently there IS a right way to handle them and MOST definitely a WRONG way to handle them.)

In the flowchart, it says send a letter to the CA - 30 days later send another and then wait 15 days then send a letter with intent to sue in 5 days. I read sample letters then also read in a sticky that these sample letters are never going to get a positive response due to the outlandish amount of requests and obvious form feel legalize of the letter. So which is it? Then I read that these dates are arbitrary. The CA can do nothing and the debt will still remain. So basically we are pulling at straws or are there a clear definitive line for doign things the right way or - just blowing steam up their butts?

Sorry I'm very frustrated. Almost every piece of advice I've gotten has later gotten reversed by someone else.

NEVER go online and dispute anything but your address (one sticky)

Start by DV'n a debt via the online dispute center with the CRA's. (another sticky)

Which is it?

I can honestly compile a list of do's and dont's from these forums with opposing views IN STICKYS and from admins or long time posters that all contradict each other. Probably 20 plus of the most important methods and usages of Credit Repair.

Sorry, again - very frustrated. I'm trying very hard to figure out where to start, and based on this flow chart and from what I've read elsewhere on here, I can honestly say I'm more confused than when I started. :(

I DO APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU and your efforts, and I see many of you doing what is needed to get back on track. I pulled my reports a few months ago, there were items on there that show when they will disappear,..then I sign up with a watch service and it shows NONE of these dates. I come on here for more information as to when I can expect some things to fall off - only to find out that they may fall of then come back on via another CA?!?! OR, that those dates are arbitrary in themselves.

It's like they can make their own rules as they go.

This is the kinda of information we need in solid tangible forms. I understand this is an all volunteer situation, but we need less gray areas about this all important information. People post advice in each persons thread without regard to the specifics or the results...

Or maybe I'm making too much of this and it's really not as hard as it seems..??

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As an Identity theft Victim (who does not live at the same address that I lived at when my Identity was stolen), I did not receive and collection notices until it was way too late. after already charged off and in collections for at least 2 years. I know that a Debt validation request is typically something that needs to be done within 30 days of receipt of a "dunning letter" Can I still do these debt validation letters and do the CA's have to abide by the law and try to validate with in 30 days?

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Awesome! :)%

I really think that chart will make things alot easier for some people. We get alot of questions as to what the process we can just point out the link. :wink:

My very first post... Morrow, your kind of hot. LOL don't hate me folks I am in love with this site. Morrow, made it even better. (I am on here to actually ask a question, so when I figure it out, please answer?)


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Dear Admin,

Your flow chart is the best, how do you clear up the following,

Please advice,

Last month I applied for a bank of America, American express credit card. My application was denied. I gone ahead and pulled my credit repot. Experian shows a collection account which is not mine. (Currently being disputed). Now there are other name and address that does not belong to me. I also ask Experian to correct/or remove these name and address. Experian sent me a report back and stated, “the name and address are verified and they were reported by you or the credit grantor.” In order to clarify that I also send them a copy of my SS card and DL as well as my utility bill to prove my identities but despite of these evidence they still didn’t’ delete them. What should I do next? The only thing I have left an old copy of my credit report which I order few years ago. That report does not contain this inaccurate information. Do you think if I enclosed a copy of that report and tell them that look they were not on my report 3 or 4 years ago. Please advice.

Thank you very much in advance.

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