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Reinsurtion after 2years want to sue Cap1,FACTA ques bit lng

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Thoughout the past few years I have been able to get a paid C/O (from 1999) off 2 of my CBRs, but not TU. Last weekend my mortgage broker pulls my credit to begin the pre-authorization process. This weekend I find that Cap1 re-inserted the paid C/O on EQ after 2 years of being off. Also all CBRs show "customer disputes invetigation results" note on my Sears account.

I've been reading the FACTA-revised FCRA and here where I think I can pursue them:

1. (Cap1) They are required withing 30days to notify me they have reported negative information (new law, couldn't find the exact section though, and I'm only guessing they won't)

2 (EQ) I'm sure they don't have a "certification of accuracy of information" (605.a.5.B.i), but who knows what the heck that is anyways

3. (EQ) I'm sure they won't send me notifications within 5 days of reinsurtion (605.a.1.A.ii/iii)

4. (EQ) They didn't report that information contained has been disputed (I diputed this TL over 2years ago) (605.f)

5. (EQ & TU) If they are reporting I'm disputing something on a TL (Sears) I have sent many letters telling them that I dispute nothing regarding the TL, then they are not "following reasonable procedures to insure maximun possible accuracy" of my CBR (605.B)

The reason I'm sure about 1,2, & 3 is because I think everyone is treating this as a new TL insertion, not a reinsertion. My ultimate goal is to get enough leverage to coerce a removal of Cap1 from EQ and TU. EQ I'm not too worried about. They have been easy for me in the past, plus now I have enough violations documented. Its TU that has been a pain for years now. Can anyone think of anything else I can use? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

One more thing. I've been reading summaries of the changes FACTA has made on the FCRA. One is that you must be notified if negative information has been reported within 30 days, and another is something about disputing directly with the furnishers of information (OC). But I wasnt able to find the actual statutes. Can someone help me out on this, even if its to tell me I must be daydreaming? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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