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Note To board Members -


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Let me start by saying thank you to all of you specifically, Xanathos, Doc Don, and C M Chase.

I was up till 6AM last night sucking all the info in the forums like a sponge.

Your advice with using Planet Feedback, and PrivacyGuard and overall credit knowledge has made my life so much less stressfull.

Basically i was coming out of no-credit hell..after achieving bad credit hell (i'll start this mess in another thread...still confused about it)...

Recently just started picking up the pace with Direct Merchants and a Cap1 card ( i know, i know they suck). Yesterday my DM account suddenly jumped up a few percentage points...and immediatly caused

me to have a near heart attack....what could i have possibly done wrong been perfect for nearly 2 years now.

After much searching on the web..i ran into this site.

- used privacy guard to see if the jump was warranted.

- found many discrepencies - all currently being disputed

- used PF to contact DM - recieved a reply within hours annoucing my new lower rate.

In a span of 12 hours my score jumped 62 points from 637 to 699.

Please take pleasure in knowing that i will be the envy of all my peers for the information that i can now throw at them.

You guys/girls seriously kick some major a$$ for the community you have built here. Thank You.


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Thats very nice of you. :wink: We all feel the same way about this board, and personally for me it has changed my life, as it has many others.

I will be eternally grateful, and share my new found knowledge of credit with others and hope that others will pass it on as well. :D

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:oops: How sweet!!

Believe me, there are many many more names that should go before mine. But, yes, like Morrow said, this board has changed a lot of our lives - mine included. I've just now started to reap the benifits of it.

I came in here 6 months ago with scores barely 500 and reports FULL of charge offs and collections. Within the last month alone, thanks to everyone on this board, I've gotten both $6500 in new credit and knowledge about how to use it properly. I was also approved for 100% financing on a home. :shock: NEVER could have done that on my own.

I'm glad you found this board!! Read, read, read. You'll learn SO much. And if you have any questions, please post them - there will always be someone there to answer. :D

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