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Could You Be The Victim Of Identity Theft?

Thieves Armed With Information Are Ready To Ruin Your Credit

July 20, 2004

Picture cellular phones are all the rage. They can take clear pictures in an instant and then allow you to instantly e-mail the them anywhere in the world.

And that's exactly why criminals like them.

Thieves are lurking at ATM machines, grocery stores and anywhere else where people are using their credit cards and drivers' licenses. Criminals with picture phones click away.

Security experts say they get close ups of your credit card numbers, secret PIN codes, even your address, driver's license number and work identification card.

The information is instantly e-mailed to criminal organizations that take the statistics and create new credit card accounts.

Within hours the accounts are maxed out with purchases in your name.

Before you even get home, thousands of dollars are put on your accounts, ruining your good credit. In the time it takes to snap a picture, you become the victim of identity theft.

Compiled information from police reports show that last year, more than 7 million people had their identity stolen. That's about 20,000 people a day or 800 people an hour.

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So that's what that asspipe was trying to do at the ATM the other day......

I just stared his ugly a$$ down, he was way too close, on a cel phone and he wasn't talking much.

Next time it's an a$$-whooping.

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I'm sorry if this is a stooopid question, but I got dates of false negs on my CR, and a lightbulb went off (in the dim halls..lol) - if someone got your passport, would that be enough info for them? I couldn't recall if our SS #'s are on our passports...

And what about the FACTA Act...it states that OC's must provide you with original docs, but does that apply to CA's?

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