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Signed, Sealed and Closed


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After 4 months of struggle and strife we closed on our home loan today. We went with Charles and of course he came through for us!!!! If Charles can get us a loan, he can get ANYONE a loan, believe me. Charles is by far the most professional mortgage broker you will find. I truly reccomend him for any of your mortgage needs. I can FINALLY sleep again!!!! Thanks Clark!!!!

Current Presidential Poll:

John Kerry - 21%

George Bush - 15%

Charles Clark - 63%

Or maybe he is the 5th Beatle? John, Paul, George, Ringo and Charles :^) That has a good ring to it :^)


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Gongratulations, Josh! We always enjoy hearing success stories. And, most definitely, let it be known to all when one finds an outstanding LO to get it done.

BTW, do you know who the inspiration for the Beatles is? I'll give you a clue. He has been my #1 Idol since the first time I heard him in 19??. In fact, I have each and every recording ever made by this person. If you are the fan I think you are, it will be an easy one for you.

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Well to say The Beatles has one influence is a bit narrow. I know for John, his major influence was Elvis. For Paul it was certainly Buddy Holly and Little Richard. George and Ringo believe it or not were quite influenced by Country Western music. I would guess you were referring to Buddy Holly though.


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The correct answer is:

Charles Hardin "Buddy" Holly, born September 7, 1936 and died February 3, 1959.

As far as I know, Paul still owns the rights to Buddy's music in Great Britain. Of course, most everyone will include Elvis as an inspiration, but, what very few people realize is Buddy was more of an inspiration to the British than most others. "Remember, how far is a Beatle from a Cricket?" This is a quote from one of the books on Buddy.

Some Trivia for you:

1. The Rolling Stones 1st hit was "Not Fade Away". It was written and

first recorded by Buddy.

2. Peter & Gordon's 1st hit was "True Love Ways" written and first

recorded by Buddy.

3. Buddy was the first:

A. To wear Glasses on Stage.

B. White Artist to appear at the Apollo.

C. To overdub his Voice and Guitar on a R & R recording. Les Paul &

Mary Ford were first on any recording.

D. First artist to use a Full String Orchestra on a R & R recording.

E. First artist to use a Full gospel Group as Backup on a R & R


F. First artist to rely mostly on his own writings and arrangements.

G. To really promote the Fender Stratocaster Guitar and is responsible

for it's popularity today.

H. He is the innovator of what is called the "Rigid Wrist" technique

when playing.

There are several more things about Buddy that are not known and one can find very interesting.

Two more Trivia Questions for you to consider?

1. How many Guitars are being played in "Peggy Sue"?

2. How many of the Crickets actually sing on any of Buddy's recordings?

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