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I received my credit reports and included in them was a XXX Finance. I of course disputed to the CRA's and it came back updated, and the accounts were now showing YYY. I called EXP to get the DOLA on this account (CR says opened in 6/1/96). Ex Rep says the account was sold to YYY . I then asked why on my online investigation results does it read XXX Finance and how could they verify it then. Needless to say nothing happened. It gets better though. I called the number to YYY, and a woman answers with ZZZ and proceeds to tell me that they bought YYY's accounts on April 1 2004, and she sent my letter, (yes oh wise ones, Grasshopper is learning, I DV'd them CMRRR), to the legal department she THINKS!!!! Now this account was verified and updated. They still haven't annotated account in dispute to the credit bureaus. I'm watching PG closely. Others have updated to disputed. I also know that this account is over the SOL. Just waiting for the comedy of errors to continue as I document all.

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