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120 days past due? is this status correct?

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sl was consolidated in '99 is it legal for them to report the current status 120 past due?


Account Number: 7590XXXXXX Rate or Status: 120+ DAYS PAST DUE

Account Owner: Individual High Credit: $1,595

Type of Account : Installment Terms or Monthly Payment: $0

Date Opened: 06/1998 Balance: $0

Date Reported: 05/2004 Past Due: $0

Date of Last Activity: 06/1998 Months Reviewed: 2

Comments: Account Closed By Consumer

24-Month Payment HistoryNo 24-Month Payment Data available for display.

Seven-Year Payment History30 Days Past Due: 0 times

60 Days Past Due: 0 times

90 Days Past Due: 1 times

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Correct. It should simply read "paid" as the current status since that's what it currently is.

Get a letter off to the executive offices at USA Funds and copy and paste that section of the FCRA that states they must report the information accurately.

Simply tell them if they don't the matter will be forwarded to the appropriate government agencies for further processing, and you will consider seeking any relief as indicated by the FCRA.

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If you were late, it is reporting correctly.

Not if they're reporting the current status as "late" when it's currently "paid in full". The payment history itself, however, is a whole other ballgame...

Ooops, missed that part. :oops: That's what I get trying to answer while I'm busy.

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