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FCRA Section 605 (c) Running of the reporting period

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Creditors or collection agencies, and credit bureaus if they try and “Re-age” your account by updating the date of last activity on your credit report in the hopes of keeping negative information on your account longer

My question this:

1) Has anyone ever sued a creditor for doing this and won?

I am in a situation where I disputed 2 items. The disputed accounts ended up staying and showing recent activity. This resulted in a significant drop on my Fico scores.

EX: 633 down to 596

EQ: 656 down to 620

2) Do you think its worth trying to sue?

Many thanks in advance!


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If you didn't dispute it, there's no reason for them to update it with the CRA's. Regardless, if they changed the paid date to show later, they are in violation of the FCRA section 623 (reporting incorrect information to the CRAs) and if they are a CA, the FDCPA setcion 807 (changing the character of the debt).

Since they are in violation, you can: report them to the FTC and the Attorney General for the state they are located in and demand deletion (mentioning the civil penalties involved for violating the FCRA and /or the FDCPA).

Bringing suit against them can be done. Here's a thread for you to look over:


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