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Praise the Lord! Paid collections being deleted!


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Hi everyone, thanks for your help. Today is a good day! Just got a certified ltr today that the collection agency removed the paid acct that was in dispute from all 3 bureals and the acct is closed with their office. 8) 8) :p

Briefing of what happened....

1) DV'd the CA via CMRR.

2) CA wrote me back w/ a ltr CMRR that the acct was paid and they will make sure it is reporting correctly to the bureals.

3) I wrote back stating this was not DV and they had a certain amount of time to comply or delete the tradeline etc.

4) Went on vacation and when I got back I had a CMRR ltr from CA stating that they reviewed the acct and in the interest of customer service it is being deleted immediately.

Special thanks to Retmar and Docdon!

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