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Did good first round ......but have questions


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With the finally tally on TU got 6 deletions, and Ex got 2 still waiting on EQ though. Now for questions. On EX I disputed online and printed my online results.

1. XXX Finance

Date Opened: 06/96

Credit Limit/Original Amount:$670

Reported since:02/01

Date of Staus:06/04

Last reported:06/04

Charge off as of 12-01,10-01,8-01,5-01,4-01,2-01

Paid/Account charged off. $670 written off.

It looks as if they wrote off 6 payments 1, month at a time. But I dont remember this account. So If nothing was paid on it shouldn't this be off according to the 7 year drop off period. Even if it was 7 years plus 180 days? This account was sold and still verified under the old name by EX and the CA.

2. XXX XXX Company

Date Opened:03/02

Reported Since:07/04

Date of Status:07/04

Last Reported:07/04

Status:Paid Collection

Verified by EX, But if it was on my credit report prior to 07/04 how can that be the report date. And from all the reading I have been doing on these boards. That is inaccurate information and it should be removed. Right? I just wonder how EX verified that.


Date Opened: 04/00

Reported Since: 01/99

Date of Status: 12/98

Lasted Reported: 05/04

Verified and updated on 7-04

Now how the heck is the date of status in 12/98, and the report date 01/99 before the Date Opened 04/00. This also was verified by EX.

They are sending me a hard copy of credit report. All I have are online copies. Trying to move from Newbie credit learner to Toddler Credit learner. Aren't all of this disputable and demand instant removal from CR?

And without the help of you guys I wouldn't have had the success I have on my first round thanks!!

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Wait until you get the hard copies in the mail. There will be more information for you, such as, in the right column, it will show the month/year it was last checked (recent dispute), and the month/year it will be deleted. After reading, then let us know what is what. Right now, I agree, this looks confusing, but, still wait, so you can resubmit the next dispute with all information instead of jumping the gun and causing some extra confusion. To give you an example of what I think is:

As to confusion on #2. Date Opened refers to when it went to collection. Reported since usually is the month/year it was first reported. This is in error since you disputed it, it must have been on your CR prior to the dispute. Date of Status/Last Reported represent the most current update. These would be correct.

As to #3, the Date Opened refers to when it was first assigned. Reported Since refers to when the TL was first reported to the CRA. Date of Status/Last Reported usually are the same as they represent the last time the TL was updated. At least on ours this is what shows on most. There are a couple that show different, so I am not sure of this one. I do agree it looks confusing.

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