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Need help! Please.

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I received a summons and answered it to the court. A pretrial conference has been scheduled.

I have not filed the answer to the Discovery in the initial summons within the 50 days required. I did send a DV letter to the attorney suing on behalf of Bank of America. I have not received a response, and it has been just about 30 days.

Will I automatically have a default judgement? Can I still file an answer?

We may put our house on the market to try to pay off some of these debts, but I do not look forward to the prospect of trying to qualify for another mortgage.

A attorney said that I might could personally file bankruptcy without it affecting my husband, since we could qualify for a mortgage on his salary. I don't think this ideas is the "silver bullet" either, as nothing comes without consequences.

I am so depressed about all of this. :cry: Knowledge is the best defense against the blues. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Go to the pre-trial conference. Be prepared to state your case and have a settlement offer you can live with in mind. The court will try to settle this if it can.

As far as the discovery demands, what is your hesitation? Are there some you object to? Write the lawyer a letter saying you object to ### X and Y, and you need more time to answer the others. Send a copy to the court for its records. This way you are not simply defaulting on the demands, and the court will cut you some slack.

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I just received a certified letter from BofA's attorneys copying me asking for a summary judgment because I did not file an answer within the requested time frame.

Even though I responded to the court for the summons, and have a hearing, can the plaintiff pursue the judgement?

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