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Hello, I filed for bankruptcy in February 1998 and got discharged in February 2003. I am starting the process of cleaning my credit report. I have an online report from experian and noticed that HHLD bank was not reporting as "included in bankruptcy" or "discharged through CH 13". I listed them in my claim but they did not file. On the credit report account history it has 30 days late starting January 1998 and so on. Then it says Charge off in April 1998-March 1999. This didn't look right so i disputed as not being mine. It came back verified and they updated my report. Now the account history is being reported as included in bankruptcy with the charge off dates removed but under the STATUS is says"Discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter13/Account charged off" and under the Creditor's Statement it says " Purchased by another lender".

My question is can this account be charged off if it was suppose to be included in bankruptcy and can HHLD sell this account?

I apologize if this sounds confusing. I'm a little confuse myself. Thanks in advance for your input.

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