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received a Cap 1 card without applying

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I got a Capital One Platinum Mastercard in the mail 2 days ago, but I NEVER applied for it. It's not a fake pre-approval card, but the actual credit card. I am positive I did not apply for this card.

I looked on the form that was sent to me for a number to call for a customer service rep that I could talk to. The number I found, which was not the number listed on the card to activate, was the one I called. Well this number activated my card automatically, and all I was trying to do was talk to a live person, not accept the card. Then they told me that my Credit Limit was a measely $200.

I pulled my Experian report today and sure enough, there was a hard inquiry on my report dated 7/14/2004. I don't know if there are inquiries on my other two reports.

I thought it was illegal for a company to send credit card through the mail anymore. Anyone have any suggestions on how I should handle this?

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I would do some checking to make sure that someone didn't/isn't applying for credit in your name. I would call Cap1 and speak with a live rep and find out what they can tell you. They should be able to tell you if they just sent the card or if someone actually applied for the card & how (ie online, snail mail).

Good luck!


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