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The end of May 2004 I checked myfico and my Experian score was 628 - reason I still had on TL with 4 30 day lates and an AMEX TL that was a paid charge off. The AMEX account had been reaged and and instead of showing a 9/2002 paid charge off date it wa showing a 5/2004 paid charge off date. Therefore, my fico score was 628.

Well I have been in contact with AMEX and they were going to have Experian change this charge off date to show the correct date and I waiting a whole month and it never happened. So I called again and this morning I thought I would check Experian web site and the Charge off was gone. So I was so excited I checked and paid for another myfico report/score. It is gone and my score it went from 628 to 735. So getting rid of a charge off they show as new (or two months old) increased my score:

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