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Reporting Question

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Been working on my Cred for about 6 months. I am now in the low 600's, and have several things drop off. I recently applied for an Orchard card too (They checked Experian, my best agency!) so I am happy. I hope I get it, but they didn't give me an instant answer (as I expected) but said they would mail me. I assume that is bad news, but I am still hopeful. All this, thanks to this site!!

I have 1 other charge off that is PAID now, but it is still showing up on my report. How long does it usually take for them to be updated. also, this debt (a whopping $71 I never knew about) WAS only reported to 2 agencies, but after I called them and paid it off 100%, it suddenly appeared on the third agency. AS UNPAID!

Anything I can do about that?

(Sorry, I posted this in the CC forum, can a mod move it pls?)

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Don't assume that it is bad news on the Orchard card you never know. As for the CO reporting, I would send them a dv letter and then dispute it again with the cra's once you receive the green card back. Since it is already paid and for such a small amount they may not even respond.

Good luck!


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