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Hi all, I received a letter from MSB Municipal Services Bureau (TX) on 7/16/04. I took care of this years ago. Unfortunately I don’t have the money order slip no longer being it is 6years ago. They didn’t even enter the mini Miranda on this letter. The letter states my DL is suspended but I check everyday and it is not suspended. Has anyone ever deal with something like this? This is the actual letter below.

DEAR xxxx xxxxx

You have not responded as required to our last correspondence concerning your outstanding case. To prevent the possibility of arrest by law enforcement, send you check or money order, payable to the “Clerk of the Court” to

Municipal Services Bureau

P O Box xxxx

Austin TX

You may contact us at (800) 616 0166 to discuss payment. Your driver’s license has been suspended and driving without it subjects you to arrest and the towing of your automobile.

Municipal Services Bureau


Court case offence amount date

Broward county 78B13245KL265 TM BSO 233.00 09/27/98

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