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I started the journey in May....

Ive gotten a few deletions, some of this stuff I'm going to knock off one at a time.

I'm posting this to inspire newbies

When I started my FAKO's were

TU 544

EXP 550

EQU 547

I had neg's all over the place that didnt belong to me, or just required some work and investigation to get rid of. I've gotten rid of a few.

Today my scores are

TU 540

EXP 581

EQU 540

I still have a while to go but this site is definitely educational, A LOT of people could benefit from this. Before I started I thought it was the consumers responsibilty to prove a debt dosent belong to them. Now I know better.

Kristy, gurlfriend, your site is definitely right on time for me and a lot of us here. Thanks for putting it together.

I have been working on my credit to obtain a mortgage loan, I talked to a LO today about my options and was told that we needed a score of at least 620. I know I can make that happen now that I know my rights as a consumer.

This site brings to mind the saying

" To whom much is given, much is expected".

I have been given so much Free information and education here, I feel it is expected for me to respect my credit and finances in the future.

Anyways I know this is turning into a long post and I do have a lot more work to do on my CR.

Mrs. Potatohead

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Congratulations on your deletions!

Just so you know, we've been pre-approved for our mortgage with our scores a few weeks ago....

Husband's middle FICO: 586

My middle FICO: 524

We're looking at ~7% interest and 5% down.

We'll get into the house, continue to work on our credit and bring our scores up enough to refinance and lower our interest rate.

I just wanted to let you know this in case you're anxious to get into that mortgage.


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