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Hey all,

Brief update for past two months. Have gotten all references to BK removed from DH report, great since he NEVER filed. A few old paid collections off and addy's and names updated. Also managed a few inquiries of each with letters. As the dust settles from this round I am ready to move on. I'll try to post my questions in the appropriate areas. That's my warning that I'll be bothering you for the next few days. :oops:

One question I have is about an Inquiry. THere are inquiries on his report especially equifax that were NOT given permission to do. One is a law firm that eventually gave him his judgement. They pulled his report in 4/03. I know this is along time ago. But it P*sses me off. I disputed this with the round of inquiries and all removed but this one came back and said not removed due to permissible purpose. What does that mean? We didn't give jack sh*t noone there to check his report. Can I argue this or should I just leave it alone. I think its mostly a matter of priciple here. We did NOT give permission and I don't want it on there. How should I attack this?

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