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Oh no!

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Help anyone

I have been summoned. I had been summoned by an attorney for a credit card. I had been battling this said company. They are collecting for Unifund bought from Providian I had been battling this collection agency for another account that they could not validate. I never recieved any notification from the CA attorney for this one account. Now I h ave been summond to appear in court. What do I do? Is it to late for validation? I know that I have to file an answer but I just don't know what to do? Nor do I even now what to begin to ask for. If they did send me any notification from this collection account I never recieved anything.

I am scared.. please help!!

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Thank you

I have been a member of this board for awhile now, so I automatically popped ina subject. I knew by going forward and reading I would get some answers and sites. I thank you for the link. I am not a legality person and I will find it hard to write all this out. One of the templates

have pages with I. Answer Notice of Appearance Certificate of Service Answer, affermitavie Defenses. Do I create all of those forms?

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A Certificate of Service looks like this:


I certify that a true and correct copy of DEFENDANT'S ANSWERS AND DEFENSES has been served to Bob Jones, attorney for plaintiff, 123 Porland Avenue, Suite 4200, Anytown, USA 00000 by depositing in the United States Mail, with proper postage affixed thereon.

This 27TH day of July, 2004

Respectfully Submitted,


Larry Smith, Defendant-Pro Per

I usually send my motions, notices, etc. via certified mail, as I one time, had an attorney, who was the defendant's lawyer, accuse me of not sending him a copy of a motion I filed with the court. You could also use a Confirmation Mailing, as well, although I like a signature on the green card.

(BTW: Judge didn't buy that I didn't send the attorney a copy)

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Many thank yous

So you send the certificate to the lawyer and the courts? and the answer again goes to both?

Can anyone give me a defense.. maybe I can message you with more information? I am really unsure what to do.. and I don't have money for a lawyer, I would not be in this perdiciment if I did.. :(

If someone can point me in the direction with just a nudge,, I will be on my way to fight


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