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Motion to Answer Questions About Property

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I need some advice from everyone. I have slowly been working through a couple judgments. The largest one is about 3600. I have not tackled this one yet because the other ones were smaller and I did not have the means to settle this one.

Yesterday dw answers the door and I end up getting served with a motion to appear and answer questions concerning my property. There are a couple things that concern me. The original appearance date has been covered with whiteout and a new date has been written in. Is this normal? The white out has also covered up most of th address (although I have a pretty good idea what it is).

I own very little. I do have an extra car that I was going to donate to charity that is worth 500.00 at best. The other cars are in dw's name. The thing that I am mainly concerned about is them garnishing my pay.

The solution I have come up with is I can take a loan out of my 401k for 1500.00 and offer this as a settlement. I have reviewed the laws in Utah and it appears that a 401k is exempt. It is my firm belief that this is more than they would get from seizing any property, except for may wages. Is this a good idea??? Any advice is much appreciated.

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