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Experian and Removing addresses!

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I pulled my Experian report yesterday and attempted to dispute mostly my personal information which was INACCURATE via their online dispute option. Like you said it states that you can dispute anything that is underlined however when I clicked on the addresses I was told to call or write. So I disputed some inaccurate phone numbers and employers. This morning they were gone. So I called them to dispute the TWENTY addresses they have listed on my account. Mind you some of them are entries of 3-4 VARIATIONS of an address. They even had a NY ADDRESS W/ A NY ZIP CODE listed in MIAMI. They have my current address listed 4 different ways and the rep told me that they had to remain that way because its how the creditors reported them. Every address I attempted to dispute she gave me the creditor that reported it and told me that if I had a problem with it I would have to contact the creditor directly and have them request it be deleted! She was a real @$#%#@. What is the deal with these people????????

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