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New here!... can someone tell me if this letter is illegal?


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I recieved this letter (attached below) a couple of days ago and It seems I owe bellsouth. There is one slight problem. I paid this bill with bellsouth when I cut my home phone off and I recieved a confirmation # and have the statement showing the money was deducted from my account. :x I even got a check from b.s. for 2.00 yep 2 whole dollars claims my final payment was overpaid by 2.00 :o now I got this fly by night mattlock attorney on my case calling me at work calling relatives :x (remember I dont have a home phone....hehe! :D ) but it ticks me off and I dont know what to do below is a attached copy I typed in word for word. thanks for this site and all who help on here.....letter below....

Gregory Barrow, PLC

Attorney at Law

Xxxxx, xxxx

Xxxxxx, la

Re: Bellsouth-Mississippi: 228-3XX-xxxx

Balance: 123.50

Dear Debtor,

Despite our efforts to amicably resolve payment of your past due phone bill, you have failed to pay this debt.

Unless you contact this office within 48 hours from receipt of this letter, we make take further collection action against you, which may include referring this account to a Mississippi law firm for legal action. If suit is filed, the Harrison county sheriff will serve you with legal papers directing to appear in court. If a judgment is rendered against you, you will likely pay all court costs in addition to your phone bill. You are jeopardizing your credit and facing the possibility of having your wages garnisheed.

To avoid further collection action, you must contact our offices within 48 hours from receipt of this letter. Make your money order payable to Gregory J. Barro, PLC.

We are attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This communication is from an attorney debt collector

Very truly yours,

Gregory J Barro

Attorney At Law

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