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after CRA's dispute verification


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You send a letter to the CRA asking for their procedure for verifying. Be careful to tell them that you are not asking for a new investigation and be sure to tell them they have 15 days by law to comply with your request. The specific section of the FCRA is:

15 USC 1681i(7) Description of reinvestigation procedure. A consumer reporting agency shall provide to a consumer a description referred to in paragraph (6)(B)(iii)** by not later than 15 days after receiving a request from the consumer for that description.

**15 USC 1681(6)(B)(iii) a notice that, if requested by the consumer, a description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information shall be provided to the consumer by the agency, including the business name and address of any furnisher of information contacted in connection with such information and the telephone number of such furnisher, if reasonably available;

I like to be specific with them and tell them I want the name of the person they spoke to, their phone number, and copies of any/all communications between the CRA and the person who verified the tradeline. By being specific you eliminate their ability to wiggle out of it by sending you just a form letter.

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