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Paid collections.


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Just venting....

After 3 months of disputes, I've been able to get a three collections off my credit reports. The problem is, each credit bureau was able to verify a different one, and deleted the other two. So, I have three different collections, 1 on each credit bureau report.

The problem is, I have to pay them off before I can close on my mortgage in January. So, I'm going to ask for pay for deletes, but I'm not holding my breath... we're talking about RMA and Asset here.

So I can see paying these collections, moving up the DOLA by a good 2-3 years and my score goes down :-( after all these months of work.

Ah well... it'll be worth it to be in a house.

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January is still a ways off, so you have some time.

Did they verify after you sent them DV letters and they did not provide validation? If so they are in violation of the FCRA and the FDCPA. You may be able to claim an off-set against them if you sue in small-claims court.

RMA and Asset are not known for their intelligence in this regard, so a little hard-ball may get them to drop it or at least bargain with you.

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Most definitely! Sit down and start tearing them apart. Things to look for are:

Are they reporting the TL's as disputed?

Are the amounts correct?

Are they legally able to collect?

Have they reaged the debts with the CRA's?

These are just some to start with.

Also, remember, CHOD comes before January. At worst, you can file another dispute with the CRA's at Thanksgiving and hope they don't respond resulting in a deletion. If it is not on your CR, the lender won't cause you to pay before closing.

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Okay... thank you both for pulling me out of the gutter and back on me feet. I've got more fight in me.

I've DV'd the collections and received nothing back, and the CRA's verified them (well, one did, two didn't).

So, today I'll send a second DV with a copy of the green card and the previous DV letter and get a little more firm about deletion.

Thank you. I didn't even think about CHOD.

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