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Unlicensed CA on Credit Report

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I have a CA on my credit report that is not licensed in my state. Is this entry on my credit report an act of collection? To my knowledge, I have never communicated with them before and my credit report indicates they have been on there since 2/2002. (If this is the debt that I am thinking of; this was supposedly satisfied through the original creditor but I have no proof that).

Upon searching if the collection agency was registered in Oregon I found nothing. I could not find anything even relatively close to their name or address. I will look into the matter further and if I determine that I due in fact owe the amount, I will pay it however I am looking for leverage to get them removed off my credit reports. I don’t think it was fair of them to place it on my credit report without trying to contact me first.

Had I known, it would have been taken care of before the collection process. If I am the one who acuminates the debt I am obligated to pay it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


State: Oregon

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According to the Federal Trade Commission, "Cass" opinion letter, the act of reporting to a credit bureau is viewed to be a collection activity by the FTC. So, bluntly, they are in violation of your State laws by reporting it.

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I would DV the Ca, wait the thirty days, then dispute with the CRA to get it removed.

The more important question is, are they licensed to do business in the state they are located in? If not - and this means as a collection agency or as a corporation- you might drop a letter on the AG in that state complainig about their unlicensed operation.

Whether they have a license or not is not determinative of whether they can send you letter, call you or report to the CRA. It is not a defense to the debt. It deals with their capacity to sue and be sued, and do business. But that is for the regulators.

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