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Went to court today

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To make a long story short, I received a summons in the mail informing me that I was being sued. I had no idea who the creditors were. I asked for a full validation and instead I received 2 pages of interrogatories. I answered the interrogatories stating that I could not provide the answers because I had no idea who the creditors were. I then received a letter from the lawyers stating that they were asked for a 30-90 day adjournment on the case. I received another summons to appear in court within 30 days. Yesterday, I received 3 telephone calls from the lawyers wanting to settle the case before the trial. I did not respond to the calls. I went to court today. the representative from the law firm tried to settle before the trial. He even told me that they were willing to accept any amount that I said. he also told me that he had a witness coming in to prove that the debt was mine. I told him that they still had not validated this account, and I had no idea where the debt came from. He explained that the original debt was purchased from a collection agency. The collection agency hired the lawyer and they were trying to get the money back. In court, the judge asked if we needed a mediator. The rep said yes, I told the Judge that we did not. When we were called the representative stood up and said "we wish to dismiss the case". So there you go, persistance pays off. I would like to thank everyone on this forum for helping and encouraging me. I felt really good. I thanked the Judge and shaked the representative hand and thanked him too. It's been all good. Now I have to get that taken off of my credit report.

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By your effort to defend yourself in court, as it appears to me, you saved yourself from a default judgment and the hassle to get a judgment vacated!

IMHO, if more people realized that defending yourself in court is probably "half the battle", I believe CA's would think twice before filing a lame suit in the beginning.


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