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Have a lawyer! Anyone with EQ and "open" BK accoun

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Lovely. Just lovely. Saw a lawyer who was very pleased with my documentation about Crap One, Bank of America and a credit union reporting (and adding interest and fees) to discharged chapter 13 accouts. He wants to go to Federal court, since it involves a BK.

I have EX on not investigationg or updating my file, and TU on reinsertion without a letter.

Another issue is with EQ reporting included in BK accounts as "open", when they were reported as "closed" due to Bk, chargoff, etc.

I told him this was EQ's little "policy" and he asked for additional information. Anyone out there who will commit to sending information to him?

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I suggested he ought to, he was unaware of EQ's practice. I told him I would get him examples of their policy. I would love it if he did class action! Right now, I can only say he is using it for evidence for my case. Once I get a sense of numbers, I will see if he wants info faxed or mailed. I told him he should hang out on the credit boards, there is lots of supporting info for any lawsuit.

His take on the CRAs is that they find it cheaper to be sued than to actually fix their system.

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