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i need to turn into a juggler! all these medical bills eh!

DH has a chase card that he has never used, it once was a providian (maybe? thats just a wild guess, it could have been something else), got paid in full about 5 years ago, sold to chase.

what are they like to deal with?

has anyone had any joy in getting the BT fee waived?

what is the time delay in submitting a payment online to it being credited to the account?

will they pull a CR for a BT? if so who would they pull in tx?

they are offering a 0% for 10 months, i can have it PIF before that.

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I guess the first question I would have is the account still open and active. From the sounds of it you paid it off and did not close it. It may still be possible that the account is open and ready for use without any credit report prying. If you find that it is open I know with my Chase card you can do a BT right on line and the money will most likely TX in a few days.

If the bills are medical in nature you may be able to use the card to pay the hospital or doctor directly and avoid the fees. If you have to do a BT and you were a regular user of the card and asked them to waive the fees I'd say you have a chance, but with a dead account chances are they will be reluctant. However you never know until you ask?

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the account is still open and active, they are practically begging us to use it with their BT offers.

paying the hospital/drs directly doesnt get us the special rate (0% for 10 months) so i was thinking of putting them on another card, then doing the BT

DH is gonna have to call them and ask, they wont talk to me :(

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