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TU re-writes FCRA. CMChase gets shaft.

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Posted other varous places on the net....I'm just so tickled I can't control myself. Sorry if you've already read it.

I got a letter today. This is a new one on me. They refuse to ever investigate anything I ever send in again!! :shock:

I sent a dispute letter earlier this month just saying a CO might not be mine because I didn't ever have any accounts with that high of a balance and to please investigate it. (A balance like $3000 higher than a company charged off). I'd disputed it once before....back in like November 2003. Sounds reasonalbe, yes? Ok...

From their letter:

"The credit bureau investigated disputes for the above name consumer. It is apparent that the dispute is frivolous and/or irrelevant. Per section 611(a)(3) of the FCRA, we will no longer investigate accounts for the above named consumer through this TransUnion office. This correspondence closes all files received and to be received.

It will now be necessary for the above named consumer to direct all correspondence directly to the credit grantors he/she feels has misrepresented him/her or they must provide proper paperwork verifying their reason for the dispute to this office directly......"

Then it goes on to say I was 1) using a credit repair organization (whatever) and 2) I told them to lie about the information to get it off my file.

Says at the bottom if I send them documentation, they will verify this information again 'free of charge'. (What good that does me! HA) :shock::lol:

They also attached some kind of interoffice form with my info, the balances, etc. Hand written "verified" and initialed.

LOL! TU: "We won't talk to you ever ever ever again. Neener neener!" :goodluck:

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Just curious CM, how many disputes have you done with them? I know from your posts you have done a few. I am up to about 3-4 for my wife and I'm wondering at what point they actually said "NO MORE".

As far as I'm concerned this is BS as long as you continue to bring new information to the table or information is just "wrong". Good luck.

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I've had several disputes with TU, and almost everything has gotten deleted - so that shouldn't have been a problem. We've always been cordial with each other and I've NEVER had to spout FCRA at them (unlike EX and CSC!). They were always the easiest to deal with.

The account I disputed is mine....I didn't agree with the balance though, as it was a CO and $3000 more than I thought it should be. :? That's what I disputed....the balance not being correct.

And, if I find info that the balance IS wrong...I'll send that to them. AND if they refuse to take my dispute, I WILL take them to court. They just can't do that. Don't care if I *was* using a credit repair agency - it's against the law.

BUT....too bad I don't have anything else to dispute with them right now. Time will tell. lol :D

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Well, you know...I'd actually forgotten...but it's time to write them another letter. :shock:

I'd went ahead and disputed a couple of things. They sent back a letter, of course, saying they were no longer disputing the item and it was frivolous. They said nothing about the other items I'd disputed.

It's been just about 30 days now (and I'd forgotten until reading this!!)....and no word from them about the others.

SOOOOO...I guess it's time to write a friendly letter to our buddies at TU!

Thanks for the reminder!! :lol::lol:

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Oh man...what I wouldn't give to have a letter like that sent to me or Chickie.

God, I'm drooling just thinking about what I could do with that...not so much for the item they deemed frivolous, but for any dispute in the future that was unrelated to something previously disputed.

I'd almost put up with a few months of bad credit again to get that fine piece of documentation.

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No you don't :p. I don't have your preferred equipment package :p

Letters are easy to write...use a PR letter as a template and modify it so that it's more a letter regarding their REQUIREMENT under the FCRA to investigate anything new you bring before them. Won't do you any good on the ones that they've investigated prior to calling it a frivolous dispute, but will work in the future.

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