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Equifax playing games?

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I have been trying to disputed two items so far with Eq, and boy I am having the hardest time. First I get the letter the addresses don't match, so send proof of that with the disputes again. I mailed the letter last week and have not gotten back the green card yet.

The problem is that they have a account listed a 120 days past due, I pd this off a year and half ago. Went to apply for credit to get my sons car repaired of course they pull them,( by the way GE capitol stink),

I am so mad I am being hurt by what is on that report, and seem unable to get to the root of it.

What or is there anything I can do to threathen them. Also trying to get off a 7 year charge off that I got experian and trans union to remove. They also verified a pd collection account and marked it checked, they are now going to get the letter asking how they did this.

They seem to be a little easier to deal with, I have even send out disputes regular mail to them and got lucky, they responded to them.

Eq no CRM no answer at all.

Thanks for any help ( I think I just had to let off some steam, thanks for listing everyone)

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First of all, YES, EQ is probably playing games with you....they do that quite often. :D

Secondly...it sounds like you are sending them a lot of letters. Stop doing this - it only makes them get an extra 15 days to complete their dispute. The addresses not matching is ok because sometimes they have to verify (if you've never done disputes or something has changed, etc), but the other letters...let it go until they are DONE with your disputes. (Though remember to watch for that 45-day mark...that's as long as they get with your 15 day extension).

Once that time is up, come back and let us know what's going on....we will offer you more advice when the time comes. :D

Patience. They will screw it up....so just let them. THEN you go after them!

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I definitely agree with Chase...

You have to group your disputes.

My personal preference is to send out each dispute individually over several days. Sometimes I will mail out like three separate disputes a day for like four days. And that is it. And then I WAIT until they are investigated.

A few times I will call them up and ask if the investigations are all complete.

Once that round is done and I have the lastest credit report in hand, I then shoot off another round.

That is my personal preference. Others do it differently. This way ensures that I can get like ten or so disputes effectively looked at by EQ or anyone else.

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