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Newbie - ? re: disputing & address


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WOW!! What a lot of great information here!!

In reading the sticky, I have opted out and am now going to get old addresses deleted. My question pertains to the dispute process.

I am reading the sticky as "the address the account was opened with'. Does this mean the address I lived at when I opened the account (filled out the app) or the last address statements came to??

And if it is the later, would I do the MBE fix?? Then go and dispute? And if so, what would the dispute reason be??

So sorry for all the questions!! I really need to get my credit fixed and I want to be sure I do this right :) There is so much info. here that I am a bit confused!:?

Thanks for any and all help!

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Easiest way to remember is that most all creditors you deal with report monthly by electronic tape. If you have moved, your old address will be deleted from their files in most cases, but, not all. Sometimes there is a lazy one who just adds your new. Therefore, you should contact them and assure they have deleted any old addresses from their tape. Most reporting is done near the first of the month. Once this is accomplished, send a dispute to the CRA's claiming the addresses are "not mine". If you have been at your current address for at least 5 years, do not mention any others. But, if you have been there for less, include your next 1 to 3 previous addresses for that 5 year period. Wait and see what happens.

As to CA accounts, they report the address sent to them by the OC. Again, if you have moved and never heard from them, they do not have your current address unless they pulled an inquiry, or, received an "Address Correction Request" from the USPS. Some of these may be deleted while others won't.

An important thing to remember, regarding CA accounts, is that if you have not heard from them in a while, they may appear out of nowhere, while, the ones who are still sending you letters may up their action.

As to any differences in names, simply state that you have never applied for or opened an account in any other name than your First, Middle Initial, and Last. Therefore, any variation of this is "not mine". As to SS#'s, it is very simple, send them a copy of your SS Card. Yes, it is safe to send them this.

When you get the results, let us know which ones remained and we will show you what to do next. Also, from that point on, you will need to check for a few months to see if any reappeared. If so, you will have to find who it is and get it corrected.

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