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anyone think this will work?


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Edited out bit about reiteration of dispute.

As a good faith effort to resolve this situation in an amicable way, I am suggesting my own offer of compromise.

I want the present billing statement to be voided as a billing error. I want a new billing statement issued by Bozo & SonsofB. This billing statement shall read as follows:

Edited out

Along with the corrected billing statement, I would like a signed statement from legal representatives of both Bozo & SonsofB and Absolute Bull Collectors. This statement should say that

1. The corrected billing statement represents the entire indebtedness of both myself and my husband to Bozo & SonsofB

2. the account will be completely removed from both my and my husbands credit reports and will never be re-inserted in any way, and

3. a statement that the current account will not be reported in any way to any credit-reporting agency on either my or my husbands credit report.

If both Bozo & SonsofB and Absolute Bull Collectors are agreeable to this offer of compromise, please forward the corrected billing statement and the statements described above to me at your earliest possible convenience. I will then forward payment totaling $XXXX as full and final payment of this bill.

i'm so tired of this :?

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