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Would a 2nd be the way to go?


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I am trying to clean up our Reports..on mine I just have a few lates on two school loans and my DH CC is showing on mine. Already sent the dispute letter. BUT on DH we have almost $10000 worth of dept. Two being CC's and one a judgment. I am hoping I can settle the CC for just the priciple and hoping to settle the judgment too. We were going to file for BK but looking at our reports that is not an option right now..just because I think it will be pretty simple to clean this up and we have a prior BK which will finally fall off in Jan. DH lost a great job and that sent us in a tail spin 3 yrs ago.

I was thinking if we took out a 2nd paid of the depts and then refinanced in a year or so. Would that be the best route to go?

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