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Does this mean that I can get the judgment lifted

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If I can show hardship or I just don't have the funds or means to pay a judgment in Idaho?? This judgment was brought on DH a year ago.


relief based on a declaratory judgment or decree may be granted whenever

necessary or proper. The application therefor shall be by petition to a court

having jurisdiction to grant the relief. If the application be deemed

sufficient, the court shall, on reasonable notice, require any adverse party

whose rights have been adjudicated by the declaratory judgment or decree, to

show cause why further relief should not be granted forthwith.

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No. Hardship in and of itself cannot get a judgment vacated. It has the possibility of keeping a creditor from collecting if, say, they want to garnish your wages and your income is below a certain amount, etc.

Are they trying to collect, or are they just sitting on the judgment? If they are not pursuing collection at this time, I would simply wait and do nothing.

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I'm in Idaho and have tried every trick in the book to get a judgement vacated. I was never served. It was my ex's crap that got it. It is 7 years old and I just keep under the radar. I have no attachable assets, nor a job that they can try and garnish wages. They do try to contact me now and again, but the mail is sent back refused. I do accept mail at my UPS store box.

Although I have a nice house near the lake and a pool.... :wink:

Either pay it or hide. You need to be very inventive and have someone you can trust explictly.

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Well so far they are just sitting on it. They pulled the CR twice after it was implimented. The only thing is I want to buy a camping trailer I don't have a job so I don't think we can get it in just my name. They only went after DH.

My advice is don't try to buy anything that is not a necessity.

How much is the judgement for? Who has it?

A camper is not a necessity unless you are going to live in it.

Not to be an a$$, but they will put a lien on it. Also, Idaho is a community property state. They can get a joint bank account, joint vehicles, etc....

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