Send a Letter to OC/CA's notifying of intent to file bk?

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I was wondering about something. I am just about ready to file bk well I have to save up the $1000 to do it first but I was thinking that once I have the money saved and I am in the position to walk in and file it in an emergency (in case they get smart and try to sue) if I have to that I'd send a letter to my creditors telling them I'm about to do it and that I'd gladly settle for 25% of my debt & a 'paid as agreed' stamp on my report to them if they'd agree. Basically telling them if they and my other creditors can't agree to this than I'll file and they will get zero zip nada.

Anyone think it is worth a try or might work?

Thanks for the input.

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A grand to file BK? That's excessive. I'd shop around for another lawyer. Also, keep in mind that a BK attoney isn't doing anything you cannot do yourself. You can go out to OfficeMax and get a kit for $19 that includes all the forms and instructions then just pay the filing fee (which I think is $125).

Just be careful to reaffirm any secured loan items you want to keep which are not exempted (such as a car that is worth more than $2500).

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