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Can't dispute TU via phone in Florida??/

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I tried to dispute via phone w/ TU today (1-800-916-8800). When it asked for my zip code it says they do not service my report and referred me to

Merchants Association of Florida

134 S. Tampa Street

PO Box 3307

Tampa, Floirda 33601


So when I call that number it says that the credt reporting division of Merchants AF is no longer an operation and refers me to

The TU Regional Consumer Relations Center in PA

Ph# 1-800-888-4213

but when I call that number all you can do is request a report.

Where am I supposed to call?!?!?!?!?!?!? :?

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My personal opinion has always sided with mailing out disputes.

I like being able to have a soft copy of what I sent out stored on my computer and having everything explained the exact way I want to on the letter.

I feel I cannot accomplish that over the phone.

However, other people are smooth talkers on the phone. Articulate individuals may actually go a long way on the phone instead of a letter.

Back in my single days, I think was good at smooth talking to women but somehow that success never transferred over to talking to CRA reps or original creditors. As a result, I stick with letters...

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