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Hello All!

Well as you can tell from the subject I just got served today THROUGH THE MAIL! This is a throw back account from school. It all started when I received a letter from MarLyn Finacial Services, LLC stating that they bought a citibank account, no amount stated only an account number. This letter is dated 4/15/02. NOw the only citibank credit card that I KNOW i had was paid off and I still have the letter to prove it which is dated 11/4/02. The account number on the letter from MarLyn is different from the account number listed on the letter verifying that my citibank acocunt has been paid off.

Recap 1) supposed OC-citibank 2) MarLyn purchases account # (no $ amount).

Then I receive a letter dated 4/15/02 from a Edwards Stock & Assoc., LLP stating that they purchased the account from MarLyn and (CITIBANK) was written in like this. Then they have PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING PURSUANT TO FEDERAL LAW.. then they go on to say that citibank was the OC and the whole bit about 30 days to validate and we can sue you yada ..yada.. SO.on 4/21/04 I wrote a breif letter to Edwards Stating that

I do not have an accoutn with Citibank Visa with this account number nor this balance. I have never had an account with MarLyn Finacial Services. I am disputing the validity of this claim by your office.

Then I receive a reply letter from EDWARDS on 1/15/03 saying that there client is MarLyn and the account was originally bt AT&T universal card (which I did have) and then the accoutn was taken over by citibank and if I

locate my card I will see that the credit card number is the same
. They offered a lump sum settlement of $1,100.00 and stating they would accept monthly payments.

so 1/15/03 was the last communucation regarding this matter. Here it is 8/4/04 and I am being served. Is there any defense I can use against this????

No valid debt validaiton- outside of the 30 days to validate the debt? Debt not validated by the original creditor (AT$T universal)-passed throug 3 CA with no validation.

I was in school in upsate New York when I received the card so which SOL state would apply. My permanent address is in PA. I never changed residency to NY.

DO you think I can pull off the Citibank vs. AT&T universal. In all letters stating they are collecting a debt it says citibank and I nevr received any debt collection attempts from citibank

where can I start so that when I go into court on Sept. 24th (which is a SAT!) are court rooms open then?

Please let me know where to start :oops:

If you need more detail please PM me.



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looking through the cert mail there are 2


1.= Staement of claim with the plaintif and MarLyn Financial Services and me as the defendant-court date 12/30/03 time 1:30PM this I NEVER RECEIVED

2. The other is a REINSTATEMENT COVER SHEET AND REQUEST FOR ALTERNATIVE SERVICE same plaintiff and defendadnt this is the one with the court date of 9/24/04 at 10am

Is this matter worth hiring an attorney?


P.S. how do I get a pic attatched to my signature?

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