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Need an ITS


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I have never seen an exact ITS. Everyone that I am aware of have composed their own to match their particualr situation as BLUEALEX915 pointed out. Here is a somewhat guideline as to what you would include.

If anyone sees something I missed or can add something to assist, please do.

1. Assure you have all violations noted as to their section of the law and

how it relates to your claim.

2. Have copies of all communications ready, including signature cards, so

they can be referenced in your letter in a chronological order.

3. Do not include all violations. Leave at least 2 for reserve.

4. Compose your letter in a way that tells them they must comply or be


5. State exactly what you want them to do. Such as, if they don't

postmark a letter to you within 10 days of receipt of your letter, with

date on signature card used for reference, you will have no other

alternative but to use all available avenues to assure they comply.

This includes, but, is not limited to, naming them as a defendant in a

Civil Suit. As all Courts pray that the two parties can resolve their

issues without coming to Court, this is also your prayer. Therefore, if

they will comply, you will consider this matter settled and no other

action will be taken. You will also state that you retain all rights to

amend the complaint. This way, if they don't respond, you can send

them a second giving them 5 days and include one of the others you

kept. Many times you can access your County Courthouse on the

Web. do this and print out two copies of the forms to file suit. Make

sure you get the right ones. For this, you will need to decide where

you will file. You don't want Small Claims. Get Superior or District.

Fill one out and make a copy. Do not file, but, be sure and include in

your letter as this will, or, at least should, let them know you mean


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Thanks retmar. I spent several hours last night looking thru the old threads and came across several ITS letters posted for critique. Got some good ideas on how to go about composing one for my situation. I appreciate the way you layed out everything that needs to be included. That was really the crux of my problem. One problem we have is that the attorney who handled our end of that lawsuit has basically been lax in his performance, turning in our answers late, not responding to our questions, etc. He has all original copies of our evidence (except for the information I've learned here), all correspondance from the CA, etc. I e-mailed him back in March, then again in April, asking for him to make copies of those documents for his file and return all originals to us. He has yet to comply. We haven't had any communication from him since I called him back in April concerning the status fo the lawsuit. That's why we've decided to fight back with this CA. They've treated us like we are to ignorant to find out about our rights, and our hired attorney has allowed it to happen by not listening to the things I tell him that I learned here!

Okay, I'm done. :oops: Thanks again retmar. You're a gem.

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