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TU settlement

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Ok, I just got a settlement from the TU lawyer. I sued in small claims court, date is scheduled for Tues coming up. Anyhow, I got a letter today from TU's lawyer. Basically willing to remove trade line and pay half of what i am asking ($500).

So here is the deal, i asked them to investigate a tradeline. They did. I asked for a procedural request. They sent me a letter saying already investigated. i sent them another letter telling them I did not want another investigation, but the PR as outlined. they sent me another letter saying guess what, already investigated. Then I sent them a ITS giving them one last chance. They sent me the same stupid letter. Then I sued.

I filed 10 different small claims suits based on these letters, one for each tradeline for $1k each. I did not have the money at the time to file them at the same time, so they were staggered. The court dates are all over the place. Anyhow, I'm hoping I can get 9 more settlement letters from them LOL

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