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disputing online?

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i am looking at all 3 credit reports- some errors- 2 are incorrect acount numbers( way off) - since i purchased through the mail my 3 reports can i go to theyre websites and dispute for free online? or do i have to do it via snail mail, calling or other?

also how long should Pulls stay on the reports? is it good or bad to have those? i cant remember... some of the pulls are at 2 years and beyond-should they go- i am trying to clean up my mess, but so far i have no idea what is good what is bad at this point. :cry:

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As long as you have a report number, you can dispute online, no problem.

Print out your disputes so that you have a record.

I like to call them first, like when I'm disputing "not mine" or if I want old addys and phone numbers off. For detailed disputes, I do the online method.

As for pulls, the softs don't mean much but the hards you'll want to eliminate. First dispute any over the 2 year mark as obsolete with the CRA. EQ will delete any you don't recognize. EX and TU won't roll over and play dead. I got deletions on TU thru 2 methods; bumpage and disputing directly with the creditor as a goodwill gesture on their part. If you're within the SOL on debts, I wouldn't go the creditor route. Let those age off unless they're on EQ where you can just ask for deletions.

Finally, opt out. From your post it doesn't appear that you've done this most basic of steps. Do a search on the board if you need instructions.

Good Luck. Let us know how far you get with deletions.

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well i did the disputes , one came back remains in less than 30 days and still no validation from this CA- however i sent DV after the initial 30 days..... what i saw is thet the OC listed it as a charged off sold account but still listing a recent balance- shouldnt that be a $0 balance since the CA is listing the same account with a recent balance? i thought only 1 can list the balance and the other must list a 0 balance- Im not sure where to go with this since ive gotten nothing in writing from either the CA or the CRA - just the account status REMAINS.....

whats the next step? do i dispute the OC balance or try again with the CRA- sending a procedural request may help? i want to do that too..... sherman still listed as under investigation- and 30 days is almost up there... i bet it comes back varified too- arent they supposed to notify you in writing of the results of an investigation? ive gotten absolutely nothing but the report results were posted at EX .....

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