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When to send settlement offer via fax/mail after answering

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Ok, just trying to get some input on the best way to go about this. I filed my answer regarding the promissory note that was lost prior to being transferred to Wells Fargo. (You can check my old postings for the whole story if interested).

I filed my Answer and Request for Discovery with the courts today and mailed the copies to the lawyer who is located in Orlando. I am in Miami. I'm guessing it won't get there till Friday, Thursday at the earliest. I have already corresponded with the lawyer for the Plaintiff and told him I would be mailing/faxing my proposed settlement this week. Should I fax/send it out tomorrow afternoon or wait until Wednesday or Thursday?? Or should I wait till after they receive my answer??

I don't want to shoot myself in the foot or piss them off as I really really don't want to have a judgment entered against me. I think the offer that I am making is extremely reasonable and well prepared. I can share it if anyone wants to see it. Any thoughts or opinions welcomed. Thanks in advance!!

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