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TU 34-Day Investigation? Sounds fishy.....

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We initiated an investigation for an invalid medical CO of my husband's on July 16th at 8:41:38 PM E.S.T. I called today and asked what the status of the investigation was because 30 days would be up at midnight on Sunday, August 15th. They claim that the investigation was started on July 19th. I told them I have an E-mail from them on the 16th which says they've received the dispute request and it doesn't say anything about business hours and business days. It says in the E-mail, "TransUnion will mail you an updated copy of your credit report, reflecting the results of the investigation. We will send this to you via U.S. mail within 30 days of receiving your INTIAL REQUEST."

The representative was very rude and even proceeded to tell me that the 30-day period "doesn't really matter anyway" because they can "put it right back on." CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??????

I have never heard that there are parameters on disputes not starting until "someone is in the office on a business day." If I'm wrong, please inform me of this rule.


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ya I would give it a few more days, prob wait until monday then call them and raise hell. But yes the 30 day period does matter, sometimes you will talk with a rep that is just a pain in the $@# :!: just call back and talk to someone else, I have had some good experiences with TU, they even deleted stuff while talking to me on the phone.

Good luck........

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