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I need your opinions please.

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I was searching the Idaho CA code and what does this mean to you?

(5) Engage in any activity which indicates, directly or indirectly, that

a third party may be involved in effecting any collections.

Does that mean in a letter to you while they are trying to collect a debt put on there is against the rules?

This is how your accounts may appear in the summons and complaint from our attorney:

Present balance $XX

Attorney fees $XX

Filing Fees $XX

Sheriff Service Fees $XX

Total plus costs and intreest $XX

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Let me post this letter that I received from a CA last ditch effort to collect a debt that I belive is over the SOL...I did send a DV letter today and I got a letter back from the OC who could not provide me with a payment history...OHHHh this is going to be fun :D

The account listed above need your immediate attention in order to protect yourself from legal action. If suit is filed and a judgment entered against you, you will have to pay additional court costs, attorney fees, and interest awarded by the court. You may also have your personal property or salary attached.

You may still avoid the expense and inconvenience of defending a lawsuit by mailing your remittance in full today or by calling our office and making satisfactory payment arrangements. If an agreement for repayment is reached, the payments must be made as specified in order to protect the agreement. Any failure to make proper timely payment may result in a lawsuit without any further notice from our office.

this is a written demand for payment of debt. If the amount listed is incorrect, or if there is any legal reason why you should not pay these accounts, please contact our office by return mail, phone call or personal conference.

We will hold reffering the matter for legal action for ten (10) days to five your an oppertunity to comply with our suggestions.


Macy (hand signature)

Legal Department

(XXX)XXX-XXX (Highlighed handwriting) Please pay $75


This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Interest of 12% to 18% charged on all unpaid balances.

Accross from the signature is what I posted above about how the complaint may appear in the summons

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Was any health insurance involved with this? What is the DOLA on your EQ report? Is there a reference date on your EX in the right hand column saying something to the effect, this item will remain until 1/1/05?

If yes to any, let us know.

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Yes there was insurance involved I don't know if they would have anything being it was clear back in 2000 and we haven't had that insurance since 2001 and I didn't save any account information. When I asked the Dr they didn't save any payment information.

This is what it says

Date opened 07/2002

Reported since 09/2000

Date of Statues 09/2000

Last reported 07/2002

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