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How to get hardcopy of 3 CRA reports

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I hate to ask such a simple question, I have read the website and browsed the boards for hours. Is there any way to get your CRA reports mailed to you for free w/o disputing something first. The website says that you are able to request 1 per year due to a new FCRA act of 2003. But when I called the credit bureau, they said that they did know anything about it and told me I could order one for $9.

Could somebody clarify this for me.

Thank you.

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Cant they tell if I was denied credit?


Is there any negitive side effects of saying that I am unemployed?

Thank You very much

There is no such thing as a CRA inquiry police force.

The CRA doesn't check up on every single inquiry to make sure whether or not you were denied credit.

Part of this confusion results from not knowing what a CRA is. A CRA is a for-profit business. It has a going concern to make money for its owners. It is not interested in ensuring that your credit report is accurate. It operates to make money.

The CRA doesn't care what the result of an inquiry is. Therefore, they take your word for it that when you say you were denied credit or that you were adversely affected in your credit rating.

Get on the horn and give all three of them a phone call.

I have not paid a dime for credit reports in years.

And my private mailbox is always stuffed with free credit reports that come directly from each CRA.

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